Agenda overview

The below gives you an outline of the workshop and what will be covered. SM&CR workshops will take place over 3 hours and attract structured CPD.
For dates and event timings, please refer to the event booking pages.

Course objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to understand how the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime will apply to their business, and will be able to identify what, if any, additional support they require in order to prepare for the 9th December 2019 deadline.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain and detail the Conduct Rules, including their practical application within a regulated environment
  • Explain the Senior Managers Regime, with the ability to write a compliant Statement of Responsibility
  • Explain the Certification Regime, including how to identify who needs to be certified, and by when
  • Understand the various initial and ongoing SM&CR support services the SimplyBiz Group is able to provide, both as part of your core package, and as additional chargeable services

1. Introduction to a new regime - SM&CR and the power of three

The biggest change to impact authorised firms since the RDR in 2013.

2. An outline of the three structure tiers of SM&CR

A clear explanation which will allow you to identify which tier your firm fits into.

3. The three key areas
within SM&CR

To embark upon your SM&CR journey you need to understand your responsibilities.

3.1. The Conduct Rules

An examination of the rules and responsibilities for those affected.

  • Setting minimum standards
  • What is an 'employee' for the purposes of these rules
  • Accountability and awareness of conduct issues across the firm
  • Communicating your requirements across the firm
  • Monitoring and evidencing adherence to the Conduct Rules
  • Senior managers' responsibilities under Conduct Rules and disclosure
  • Disciplinary action and appeals
  • Training across the firm on all of the above

3.2. The Senior Managers Regime

An examination of expections and the responsibilities of those designated under this category:

Senior Manager Functions

Prescribed responsibilities

Statement of Responsibilities

Temporary periods of absence

3.3. The Certification Regime

The difference between being a senior manager and being certified:
  • Territorial Limitations
  • Certification functions
  • How to certify employees
  • Annual Fit and Proper certification
  • Authorised Representatives
  • Client Dealing Function
  • Fit and Proper checks for sole traders

4. The Transitional Rules for SM&CR

The time frames by which you need
to have reported to the FCA
The dates by which full training across
the firm needs to have taken place
The FCA’s Directory and how to avoid
fines for late submission
What you need to do in terms of
your Certified Function

5. Conduct rules case studies

6. An overview of the SM&CR services and support available